​   Hi there, my name is Rosa. I am super excited to welcome and introduce you to Roma Vista. Here's a little about my sidekick. There's something about his contagious energy and infectious humor that sparks a room; yet all business when sticking to the plan. He is the "Mad Man" behind the scenes, the jack-of-all trades, quite the charmer, and best of all he has a heart of gold.  I am honored to share this journey with my best friend, my husband Manny. Together our vision is driven by embracing each other's passion and elevating ourselves through each experience. 

In today's world we rely a lot on visual stimuli and the need to connect through imagery. I appreciate the fact that photography gives us a basis of finding common ground with people or events that otherwise we would have never connected with. 

There is great pride in the skill to visually unveil a story with emotion and authenticity. This is why I’m fascinated by the human spirit and drawn to document the very nature of our existence. Wedding photography requires a great amount of dedication which rewards us with the privilege to encapsulate those memories. 

Pieces of me

  • Graduate of the Washington School of Photography in Rockville, MD 
  • Official Nikon Professional Services (NPS)
  • Proud creative member of Honeybook and the Rising Tide Society community  

Madly in love with L O V E ♥
I'm a fool for romance! What can I say, I married my high school sweetheart and he’s been my anchor ever since. We have three wonderful, crazy kids who keep us on our toes and remind us what Life is all about. Thankful to The One up above for all this Love. 

There's an old soul part of me with an appreciation for the polished sophistication in yesterday’s architecture, fashion, and classic mid-century aesthetics. I'm obsessed with collecting rare vintage finds. 

But music. Music is my therapeutic mantra I can't live without! It's an electric form of art that speaks universally and awakens your tempo. Good vibin rhythms of any era fuel me up! From road trip sing-alongs to dance floor hits and throwback classics-  I need that sound to set the mood and all the feels.

We love photographing people from around the world; anyone from artists & adventures, creators & explorers, to influencers & motivators but best of all crazy-in-love couples. 

Our motto: Live in the present, capture the magic, master your art and always be thankful. We believe life is meant to be a wonderful journey – one that is meant to be enjoyed with others. One that is spent pursuing passions, developing crafts and investing in the lives of those who surround you. I'm blessed to have my dream become reality, my passion into our profession, and we're very fortunate to be able to do this together as a family. To us, photography is more than pictures – it is about engaging with the world and being a part of milestone moments in the lives of others.