Dedicated on-site team technician(s)

Professionally equipped with camera, audio, and internet connection

Multiple camera set-up with up to 4 stations available for creative range of focal views

High definition video and audio recording provided to rewatch

Personalized branding, monogram and graphics can be incorporated

Pre-production walk through to coordinate details and plan location logistics

Whether it's an expense, a health condition, distance,  or a global pandemic; there are many reasons why family and friends may not be able to attend your wedding.

Roma Vista is proud to bring your special moment the ones you love in the comfort of their own home by live streaming your wedding. Providing real-time high definition video with professional audio streamed anywhere across the globe on platforms such as Youtube and Facebook. You can also replay the recording anytime. Providing this visual connection for our couples brings us great joy and pride.


TWO camera stations with up to one-hour streaming.
You can upgrade your package with extra hours and/or
camera stations based on your needs.

On-site services include:

‚ÄčLet us bring your beautiful wedding to life by sharing this special occasion with your loved ones and have them feel like they are right there with you experiencing the joy!